Living the moment in Mangalore !!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Beginning. !!

And On the 8th day God made Ritz. :D .

 Hello friends. Welcome to Team Momentum. We are officially online now. We start by praying to god and having humble beginnings. It all began in the last week of January 2011 when by some fluke two individuals from Mangalore met online on facebook at the Ritz Fan page. The discussion eventually led to a decision to start a team for people who love Ritz. The two persons were Suraj Bhat and I, Krishnanand Kamath. The ensuing days resulted in the both of us exchanging messages on facebook to decide a name and logo for the team. So here we are, On march 1st 2011 Live and active. A meet up is planned on March 5th 2011, Saturday and the place is not yet decided but will be pondered upon and updated. The idea is to meet up on 5th and “live the moment” by cruising for the first time as Team Momentum. J.

Gaining Momentum now. Cheers.